Essent is in Some Sweet Branding Territory

Hersheys BrandmobileWe’re proud to be in such sweet branding territory.

A recent Fortune magazine piece reveals that the Essent Corp. headquarters is right next to some of the best Brandmobiles in the world. Yes, Brandmobiles -- the specially made vehicles that act like giant, rolling promotional products.

The archetype Brandmobile is probably the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, which sure enough did make Fortune’s list. While the Weinermobile belongs to the Wisconsin-based meats distributor, also on the list are eye-catching vehicles from two Pennsylvania candymakers.

One is the Kissmobile for Hershey, Pa.-based The Hershey Company. It consists of three patriotic-themed kiss candy replicas on what looks like a flat-bed trailer. Hershey uses three Kissmobiles to promote events for its charitable partner, The Children’s Miracle Network, according to Fortune.

The other top Brandmobile nearby is the Peepsmobile for Bethlehem, Pa.-based Just Born. Just Born makes other candies like Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales, but is best known for the cute marshmallow treats that are staples in any Easter baskets. The Peepsmobile is a yellow Volkswagen Beetle with a very large yellow Peep replica on top. Like the Kissmobile, there are three Peepsmobiles, according to Fortune.

Hershey is 90 minutes from our Easton, Pa., headquarters and Bethlehem is just the next city over, no more than 15 minutes away. In other words, Essent software and the top promotional items are never far apart.

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