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Promotional Products ERP: Enterprise Matters in Custom Product Sales
Other software tools address pieces of the transaction to varying degrees, but it takes ERP to pull the entire transaction together and simplify the complexity of custom product sales.
Why Super Bowl Ads are Underdogs to Promotional Products
Like the game itself, Super Bowl commercials usually don’t live up to the hype. Promotional products have better cost-per-impression, brand recall and conversion rates.
Essent is in Some Sweet Branding Territory
Fortune magazine ranked the top world's top Brandmobiles and two Pennsylvania candymakers made the cut.
Smell-to-Sell Promotional Products Can In-scent-ivize
New bacon-scented products are bringing fragrances where fragrances usually haven’t gone before, a growing opportunity for promotional products.
A Promotional Product Predicted All This Bad Weather We’re Having
Predicting six months in advance, the Farmers' Almanac, a promotional product dating to 1818, even came uncannily close to nailing its Super Bowl weather prediction.
Changing the Advertising Tax Deduction is Doubly Damaging for Promotional Products
All companies would face increased costs to advertise their brand. But promotional products companies would face an additional burden.
T-Shirt Errors: Apparel Urged People to Commit Felonies
We previously examined what looked too much like a symbol for a violent gang and why the Red Sox are second in spelling. Now we examine how an automated process put a promising company out of business.
T-shirt Errors: Urban Outfitters' Proofing Problem Reinforced Its Image
We previously looked at why the Red Sox are first in baseball but second in spelling. Now we examine how a logo that too closely resembled a gang symbol could have provided a short boost for Urban Outfitters.
Red Sox T-shirt Gaffe Shows Pratfall in Promotional Products Standby
Considering that T-shirts imprinted with brand logos remain a strong standby for the promotional products industry, we're taking a look at a few T-shirt mistakes and their fallout, starting with a second-place speller.
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