How to Handle Boring Business Tasks? Get Rid of Them

Entrepreneur and author Melinda Emerson, better known in many circles as the Small Biz Lady, posed a question on Twitter that’s interesting because the answer is hiding in plain sight, so obvious that it’s deceiving:

"How do I document non-boring procedures that my employees will actually use to get tasks done correctly?”

In other words, how does a company document procedures in such a way that they aren’t boring and people follow the process to achieve quality results?

The answer is to get rid of the boring tasks.

Not get rid of them, per se, because the tasks exist for important reasons. But automate them; take them out of the employees’ hands. If it’s data entry or inventory management or bean counting, let the computers handle it. Software doesn’t get bored. Software doesn’t lose morale. Software doesn’t become fatigued and bleary eyed.

Said another way: Eliminate boring, manual, error-prone procedures with business process automation.

When computers handle the boring tasks, people get to handle the most exciting task: building business. On top of that, the computers are less prone to make the type of data entry and other mistakes that sap future time and productivity by forcing an employee to go back and fix them.

Essent business management software is built to accurately perform the labor-intensive business processes that employees often would rather not. The Compass Business Management System allows more than 1,000 configurable business rules to be set and automated for accounting, fulfillment, inventory, and more. It also links sales and marketing, inventory and purchasing, fulfillment and shipping, and art services and the web so that tasks only need to be done once.

Essent software unlocks employee potential by eliminating rote tasks, data re-entry and workflow complications -- the types of things that people don’t like but that computers don’t mind.