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Essent Customer BrandAlliance Named Canada’s National Distributor of the Year
The Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC) named BrandAlliance the National Distributor of the Year. BrandAlliance has used Essent promotional products software since 2013.
Driving the Promotions that Help Sell Promotions
Promotions Engine adds bulk gift certificate generation, plus the ability to duplicate successful prior promotions.
Product Safety Webinar Encore Due to Strong Interest
Webinar: Product Safety Information Management with Essent Compass
A free webinar for Essent Compass users will demonstrate how to use Essent Compass tools to manage product safety information for safer sales. "Product safety is the responsibility of the entire supply chain," Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi said.
Essent Users Top ASI Most Powerful List
ASI named Marty and Jeremy Lott of SanMar the most influential leaders in promotional products. SanMar uses Essent OrderTrax Network to quickly and accurately share information with partners.
Promotional Products Software on Display at SAAC Show
The SAAC show presents an opportunity anyone in promotional products to boost their relationship with their own business through their business management software.
Ecommerce Shipping Requires as Much Attention as What's Being Sold
Shipping costs, the No. 1 reason for abandoned carts, make and break sales. Ecommerce software needs to provide sellers complete control. The best shipping software has these 5 major hallmarks.
5 Security Steps Every Software Maker Needs to Take
Paranoia doesn’t pay off in the frenzy to change passwords after a crisis emerges. It pays off in cultivating the constant vigilance that averts the crisis.
Weather Whatever Weather Brings
Closing your business in this day and age for some snow just doesn’t make business sense.
Sun Setting on Windows XP, Making it a Liability
How to Handle Boring Business Tasks? Get Rid of Them
Motorist Cleared of Google Glass-While-Driving Offense
Some people are required to wear glasses while driving. But it might be frowned upon to wear Google Glass while driving. It serves as a reminder for technology to follow, not trump, the rules.
Essent Enhances Only Fully Integrated Software Specifically Made for Promotional Products
When miscommunications occur in the promotional products industry, they can lead to lost time and money. That’s why Essent upgrades further allow the industry to speak the same language, automatically and in real time.
Enhanced cost centers help land corporate customers: Essent 2014
Corporations need to control spend, especially for discretionary items like promotional products. So corporations are increasingly looking for vendors who can adhere to cost centers.
Product Reviews, Cost Centers enhance Compass Business Management: Essent 2014
Product reviews not typically found in B2B ecommerce plus new cost center controls to help land corporate clients make the most powerful business management system in the promotional products even stronger.