Essent-backed +POOL New York Passes Major Eco-Friendly Milestone

Photo Credit: +Pool Kickstarter Page

The team creating a floating pool that would make New York river water clean enough to swim in has reached an important milestone.

The +POOL team built a test version of the pool, put it in a New York river, then took a dip. In doing so, the team became likely the first people to swim in filtered New York river water.

The +POOL team plans to build a 9,000-square-foot floating pool in a New York river in 2016. New York rivers are currently too polluted for safe swimming. But the +POOL would filter the river water to meet city and state environmental standards for swimming.

Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi was impressed by the innovative leveraging of technology for the good of the community. Essent contributed to the project on

"We congratulate the +POOL team on reaching their milestone. We also share their joy in attaining the unique distinction of becoming likely the first people to swim in filtered New York river water. Essent encourages everyone to leverage technology for the good of the community they serve, and the +POOL project is a shining example of this,” Mr. Alessi said.


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