PPAI NALC & Tech Summit: A Recap in Tweets

The mix of leadership and technology was once again a success – and a lot of fun.

The Essent-sponsored PPAI North American Leadership Conference and PPAI Technology Summit were held in August, with a PromoStandards workshop and an awesome party nestled in the mix.

Here’s some of what went on.


The PPB Rising Stars received their official recognition and joined a club that includes our very own Adam Taylor.

A lot of people came away talking about the talk from author Stan Phelps on differentiating a business.

Party Time

The Essent-sponsored Experience DC! Networking Event was held at ARTECHOUSE, where there was a technology-driven VR art display that’s kind of hard to explain, so just have a look.

Here’s our Eric Alessi and Adam Taylor with Andrea Kramer from City Apparel.

The art didn’t necessarily mix with everything.

Tech Summit

Our Eric Alessi helped deliver a panel on choosing the right technology partner.

Our Stephen Luisser helped deliver a panel on the state of the cloud.


The PromoStandards workshop around the corner from the Tech Summit is becoming a mainstay.

Our Stephen Luisser presented on the latest from PromoStandards, including new integrations that are in the works.

And our Marco Peña helped deliver a panel for PromoStandards newcomers.

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