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PPAI Tech Summit Panel Will Focus On The Digital Integration Spreading Throughout The Industry
Digital integration has been in use since the dawn of electronics in one form or another, and digital integration for business is 40 years old this year. But digital integration standards within the promotional products industry are relatively new.
PPAI NALC & Tech Summit: A Recap in Tweets
The Essent-sponsored PPAI North American Leadership Conference and PPAI Technology Summit were held in August, with a PromoStandards workshop and an awesome party nestled in the mix.
2018 PPAI Technology Summit: PromoStandards Has Become a Regular, and an Interview with Paul Elfstro
2018 PPAI Technology Summit: PromoStandards Has Become a Regular, and an Interview with Paul Elfstrom.
2018 PPAI Tech Summit: Swiping Left or Right on Technology Partners
President & CEO Eric Alessi joins a panel on what to consider when choosing a software provider or consultant. “Swiping Left or Right When Choosing a Software/Consulting Partner” identifies criteria to consider for a relationship that works.
2018 NALC & Tech Summit Party to Feature Technology-Driven VR Art
Essent Sponsoring 2018 PPAI NALC and Tech Summit
For the fourth consecutive year for the NALC and the fifth consecutive year for the Tech Summit, Essent is a Platinum Sponsor recognizing the importance of connecting leadership and technology.
PromoStandards™ Founding Company Essent® Helping Fund 1st PS Development Workshop at PPAI Tech Summi
The workshop is designed to provide promotional products industry IT professionals the information needed to jumpstart PromoStandards integration, or just get started.
Wait List Opens For Sold-Out 2017 PPAI Technology Summit
The Summit is the ideal mix of leadership and technology, bringing together IT professionals of all levels to share best practices and case studies, and to discuss critical topics such as big data, order management and more.
2017 PPAI NALC: Signature Event has Leadership, Technology, Weirdness
With high-powered education and networking, showcase locales, and pairing with the PPAI Technology Summit, the NALC continues to set attendance records year after year.
The PPB Volunteer of the Month is Essent President Eric Alessi
A commitment to technology education in the promotional products industry has helped make Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi the PPB Volunteer of the Month.
#Tech22: Industry’s Top Technologists Include ‘Holy Grail’ Architects
The inaugural #Tech22 rankings recognize 22 individuals and teams leading technology collaboration in the promotional products industry.
PPAI Technology Summit Awards: ‘Holy Grail’ of Automated Order Processing Earns Essent® VP Honor
The solution is designed to eliminate supply chain friction and the steep costs of order processing. The result is more efficient relationships between distributors, decorators, and suppliers.
2016 PPAI NALC: Leadership Meets in Silicon Valley, Alcatraz Tour Planned at Essent-Sponsored Confer
Leadership and technology keep coming closer together in the promotional products industry, and now they're going to be in a lock-up together.
2016 PPAI Technology Summit: PromoStandards Taking Center Stage at Essent-Sponsored Conference
The 2016 PPAI Technology Summit will feature live demonstrations of technology built on PromoStandards specifications. That includes connecting a distributor to a PromoStandards web service live in 50 minutes or less.
Seats Filling Up Fast for PPAI NALC, Technology Summit
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