Essent Silly Shirt Day 2019: Why? Because Why Not?

Once a year, we encourage people to come to work in a silly shirt in exchange for free stuff to eat. The origins and reasons for this tradition remain elusive, yet the more we ask Why, the clearer it becomes that the answer is merely Why Not?

Here are the results of Essent Silly Shirt Day 2019:

We have a staff full of Pennsylvanians and yet it's our sales rep from Las Vegas, Chimaine Shadd, who wears the shirt with the famous Pennsylvanian on it. Bonus points for the matching mug!

Star Wars was once again well-represented at Silly Shirt Day, here by Chris D. ...

... And here by Matt. It looks like they've each chosen the Dark Side.

Chris E. gets his exercise from his church softball team *and* from Pokemon video games.

Speaking of exercise, running late is Nina's cardio.

Doug recently wore a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man mask while dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe" during the seventh-inning stretch of a Minor League Baseball game and somehow didn't get on the Jumbotron.

Jamie delivered bad luck with every path she crossed.

Mike said that he's not really sure how silly the shirt is, but that his first concert was a KISS show at Madison Square Garden in 1979.

Speaking of concerts, Bryan has been to close to two dozen Bob Dylan shows.

Today's lesson from Mitch: When someone's got your back, be sure to let them know you want it returned at some point.

Does it look like I'm made out of money!?

Marco was gearing up to watch his favorite basketball player Steph Curry in the Finals.

At our annual Secret Santa gift giving, the gift giver had learned that Spencer likes juggling so he looked online for a juggling shirt and wound up ordering this. The gift giver didn't really understand it but figured Spencer would, but then Spencer opened it and he didn't understand it one bit either. So to this day, no one around here can really explain this shirt.

Which makes it just right for Silly Shirt Day itself.

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