Essent Silly Shirt Day 2017

For reasons that are, at best, only partially understood, Essent has an annual tradition called Silly Shirt Day. The idea is if you come to work in a silly shirt you get a free lunch. And that's pretty much it. Here's a sampling from Essent Silly Shirt Day 2017.

Silly Shirt Day Chimaine

Chimaine's shirt is the "complete" package.

DJ delivering the Jimi Hendrix experience!

Marco joined the chain gang.

Ron joined a secret society.

Barb says she's the best.

There's no disputing that, Claude!

Marjorie. "Come to the Dark Side. ... We Have Cookies."

It's a Rick and Morty spoof of Calvin and Hobbes.

Mike's not saying he's Batman, but ...

Nina's Silly Shirt Day shirt also works on Mother's Day.

Sweet dreams, Qian!

Maybe Scott is kid-ding?

Pac rat!

Here's hoping Spencer never tasted one.

Whatever happened to sensibility.

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