EssentOne Customer Service


EssentOne Customer Service offers potent and practical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to manage prospects, customers, opportunities, quotes, and sales fully integrated with other powerful EssentOne modules to provide an end-to-end Business Management System.


EssentOne Customers is modern. EssentOne Customers lets you focus clearly on your customers by innovating the way you service their needs.

EssentOne Customers can easily track thousands of customers with thousands of orders day-in and day-out. You can track both individuals and organizations. With organizations, multiple Departments, Contacts, Bill-To, Ship-To, and Market-To addresses can be maintained. You can easily record all critical information and quickly recall it at any time: customer preferences, defaults, notes, activities, opportunities, quotes, sales orders, and history are logically organized and linked to the customer. Create user-defined data elements, called Properties, to record the exact information you need. The result: Superior Customer Service.

Fully integrated with EssentOne Inventory and the EssentOne Operations Management System, EssentOne Customers ensures the accuracy of all information on every order. From the Item ID, the product/service name, description, unit cost, total price, and customer requirements are referenced in the order.


Major Features of EssentOne Customer Service (optional features also listed).

Integrated CRM

  • Integrated Customer Account Management
  • Integrated Sales Opportunity Management
  • Integrated Web Storefront
  • Integrated Web Customer Account Management
  • Integrated Shopping Carts
  • Integrated Quote Creation
  • Integrated Order Entry
  • Integrated Quote and Order Status
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable Status
  • Integrated Customer Sales and Accounting History
  • Integrated Customer Support Case Management
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Integrated Windows Telephony API (TAPI)
  • Integrated ZetaFax Server

Customer Management

  • Customer Center (centralized management of all customer information)
  • Customer Account List
  • Prospect, Active Customer, and Inactive Customer Designation
  • Company Information
  • Customer Class
  • Hierarchal Customer Groups
  • Source Code
  • Territory Code
  • Sales Rep
  • Customer Cost Center Import and Authorization
  • Multiple Contacts
    • Contact Information
    • Source Code
    • Target for Marketing Opt-In/Opt-Out
    • Email Address
    • Third-Party Contact and Address List
    • Multiple Contact Addresses (with integrated Tax Jurisdiction Control for Quotes and Orders)
    • Project Management
    • Cost Center Authorization Assignment List
  • Multiple Addresses
    • Integrated Tax Jurisdiction Control
    • Customer Address Book
    • Third-Party Address Book (Addresses of Customer's Customers)
  • Multiple Departments
  • Multiple Time-Stamped Customer Notes with assignable, User-Defined Note Types
  • User-Definable Customer Properties (fields) with Validation (Only valid data may be entered)

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity List
  • Request Queue (Take/Assign Opportunities to Sales Rep)
  • Assignable to Customer and Contact
  • User-Definable Opportunity Types
  • Marketing Code
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Forecasting with Weighted Probability of Closure
  • Expected Closed Date and Deadline Date
  • Opportunity Notes and Activity List
  • Opportunity Surveys
  • Results Tracking including Linked Quotes and Sales Orders

Quote and Order Management

  • Quote Manager
  • Sales Order Manager
  • User-Definable Order Classes (organize order types and optionally enforce workflow and commission)
  • Sales Order Status and History
  • Sales Order Line Item Status and History (Including Partial Shipments and Backorders)
  • Sales Order Comments and Line Item notes
  • Automatic Sales Orders Creation from Quotes
  • Sold-To, Bill-To, and Ship-To Addresses
  • Project Assignment
  • Item Entry, Pricing, and Control
    • Stock Product Lookup
    • Inventory Level Lookup
    • Custom Product Creation and Lookup
    • Requirement Surveys with Actions (Automatic Configuration of Quote/Sales Order based on Survey Answers)
    • Automatic Product Configuration through Requirement Surveys
    • User-Definable Quote/Sales Order Properties (fields) with Validation (Only valid data may be entered)
    • Cost Center Assignment
    • Program Assignment
    • Item Priced by Markup, Margin, Customer Class, Price Levels, Historical Pricing, Spot Market Pricing, Promotional Pricing, Alternate Pricing, or Contract Pricing.
    • Sales Tax Calculation and Exemption
  • Shipping and Handling Charge Calculation with Cost Distribution
  • Billing Information
    • Prepaid, COD, and Net Terms
    • Prepayment Tracking
    • Payment Card Processing for Debit and Credit Cards
    • Payment Schedule Entry
  • Production and Purchasing Integration
    • Link to Purchase Orders and Supplier Bills
    • Purchase Order Generation
  • Cost and Profit Worksheet
  • Document Management (Attach Files, Documents, and Images to Quote/Sales Order)
  • Cost Centers
  • Return Authorization
  • Letter Generation
  • Print, Email, or Fax Document Delivery
  • Customizable Workflow to control who, when, and how an order is processed.

Activity Management

  • Activity Manager
  • Activity Calendar
  • Popup Reminders and Alarms
  • Create Date, Start Date, Due Date, Close Date
  • Activity Note
  • User-Defined Activity Types
  • Priority
  • Activity Assignment
  • Progress Tracking
  • Link to Customer, Contact, Quote, Sales Order, Invoice and/or Opportunity
  • Automatic Follow-up Activity Generation
  • Automatic Rollover of Uncompleted Activities


  • All customer information is logically organized and available at your fingertips, providing superior service to the customer and a pleasurable sales experience.
  • More information available more quickly. Grow sales, increase profitability, and keep customers longer.
  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry. Customer history is automatically generated as a side-effect of doing business.
  • Create user-defined data elements without custom programming to track critical information.
  • Feature-rich sales management tools makes your sales force more productive and sales managers better informed.
  • Proven state-of-the-art technologies mean that more reliable information is available faster and more often to more users.
  • Integrated Process Workflow means activities can be tracked and shared; the traditional paperwork can be eliminated.

Getting Started
Getting started with Essent is easy. Contact us today to begin the process. An Essent representative will work with you, at no cost, to begin the process of developing a solution tailored to your organization’s exact needs and budget.