EssentOne Marketing


EssentOne Marketing allows marketers to perform common marketing tasks like list management while managing complex promotional campaigns that can be defined, managed, and automatically processed within the system.


List Management

  • List Export
  • List Import
  • Opt-In and Opt-Out Control

Promotion Management

  • Create, Edit, and Control Promotions
  • Assignable Code
  • Promotion Types
  • Promotion Description
  • Promotion Offer
  • Promotion Availability with effective and expiration dates
  • Promotion Requirements
  • Promotion Postings
  • Promotion Validation
  • Flexible and sophisticated Promotion Terms that dictate the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Promotion Enforcement

  • Automatic Promotion Terms enforcement when promotion is claimed in:
    • Quotes and Sales Orders
    • Web Shopping Carts

Source Code Management

  • Create Source Codes to track the origin of a prospect, customer, or sales order
  • Assign Source Codes to Track Return on Marketing
  • Assign in sales Opportunities, Quotes, and Sales Orders in EssentOne Customer Service

Communication Management

  • Create Data-Driven Marketing Letters with Merge Codes
  • Generate Marketing Letters on demand
  • Generate and deliver pre-sales documents with other sales documents in EssentOne Customer Service
  • Generate and deliver post-sales documents at product fulfillment in EssentOne Fulfillment


  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry. Many promotional discounts and credits, traditionally entered by clerks and bookkeepers, automatically flow from other EssentOne modules.
  • Feature-rich tools make processing easier. Staff can perform more sophisticated activities with less formal training.
  • Proven state-of-the-art technologies mean that more reliable information is available faster and more often to more users.
  • Integrated with SiteBuilder Pro, allowing valid promotions to be entered by web customers.

Getting Started

Getting started with Essent is easy. Contact us today to begin the process. An Essent representative will work with you, at no cost, to begin the process of developing a solution tailored to your organization’s exact needs and budget.