Compass Support

Compass Support offers proven tools to manage requests and issues that result from doing business. From the initial receipt to resolution, the entire organization can quickly record, identify, track, and resolve customer and supplier related issues.

Starting with a Case Number, each and every item can be uniquely handled. Each case can be categorized and prioritized into a classification system defined by you. Cases are assigned a status and optionally a due date with time. Cases can be linked to a Customer, Supplier, Sales Order, or Project. Users and managers can add one or more Activities, allowing for the tracking and control of discrete actions required to resolve a case. Assigned case workers can estimate the percent complete at both the Case and Activity levels so managers can quickly ascertain the status of each case, control support, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Compass Support integrates seamlessly with the Compass Web SupportCenter, available separately, that offers customer support self-service for tracking cases and administrative tools for field service personnel.

As part of the Compass Operations Management System, Compass Customers fully-integrates with other powerful Compass modules to provide an end-to-end Operations Management System.

Compass Support is modern. Compass Support lets you further focus on your customers by innovating the way you service their needs.

Compass Support can easily track thousands of support cases, classified the way that makes sense for your business. Case Workers and Managers can confidently control thousands of support activities day-in and day-out, quickly identifying cases that need attention.

Fully integrated with Compass Customer Service, Compass Web SupportCenter, and the Compass Operations Management System, Compass Support provides the tools necessary for successful organizations that provide customer or technical support.


  • All customer support information is logically organized and available at your fingertips, providing superior service to the customer and a pleasurable support experience.
  • More information available more quickly. Process more cases, more quickly, at a lower cost, while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Part of the Compass Operations Management System. Save time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry. Customer support history is automatically generated as a side-effect of doing business.
  • Create user-defined data elements without custom programming to track critical information.
  • Feature-rich support management tools makes your support organization more productive and support managers better informed.
  • Proven state-of-the-art technologies like Client/Server and Web means that more reliable information is available faster and more often to more users.
  • Integrated Process Workflow means activities can be tracked and shared; the traditional paperwork can be eliminated.


  • Compass Support
  • Compass Operations Management System Suite

Getting Started
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