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SEO Technology Roots IconEssent SiteBuilder™ takes care of SEO factors that most business people don’t have time to even think about.

Technological infrastructure supported by SiteBuilder not only helps ecommerce web pages rank highly, but also creates more vibrant, attractive Search Engine Results for improved click-through rates -- in other words, more traffic.

An ecommerce website typically features dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of nearly identical product pages. Without careful website structure, it’s easy for search engines to mistake these as duplicate pages and enforce an SEO penalty.

SiteBuilder makes product pages friendlier not just to robots but also people shopping online.

That’s where canonical tags and cardinality come in. They tell search engines that these similar product pages aren’t duplicates and that each deserves to be ranked on its own. Think of a blog. The overall blog itself is an individual page or website, and each blog post is an iteration of that individual page or site. But you want the search engines to acknowledge each individual post, not just the overall blog.

The same goes for your product pages. You want search engines to recognize each individual product, not just its overall category. Canonical tags and cardinality tell search engines which pages are unique and which repeat duplicate content that is unique on a referenced page.

It's normal to repeat content for the convenience of the reader, which conversely is inconvenient for search engine's because it takes extra time to process the information -- and is a technique to try to scam search engines. Canonical tags and cardinality help solve for this.

Meanwhile, metadata including schema markup, semantic markup, and meta descriptions create rich listings for your ecommerce site on Search Engine Results Pages. The metadata help search engines understand the webpage content present that data in search returns. SiteBuilder supports metadata for products, product reviews, videos, and breadcrumb paths.

SiteBuilder makes product pages friendlier not just to robots but also people shopping online.

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