How it Works: Simultaneously Managing Ecommerce SEO and the Back Office

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With the deep technological ecommerce tools built-into SiteBuilder, businesses can manage SEO just by managing their back office.

With SiteBuilder, products are managed in the back office business management system and automatically published to the website on Search Engine Optimized product pages.

You can add or change products, their price, their configurations, their availability, promotion codes, and any number of other factors without having to re-enter the website Content Management System.

As you add or change products, SiteBuilder automatically publishes a Search Engine Optimized product page to the online storefront.

As you add or change products, SiteBuilder automatically publishes the product page to the ecommerce storefront, web portal, or company store. And the system accounts for website structure, URL structure, site mapping, linking, load time, mobile friendliness, canonical tags, cardinality, duplicate content, schema markup, microformats and more.

Those are built-in cues that help search engines understand what the page is, where it fits in the context of your website, and where it should be ranked on Search Engine Results Pages – all as a byproduct of managing your back office. With dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of product pages moving on and off an ecommerce website regularly, the cues are critical for making search engines understand the uniqueness and value of every product page.

SiteBuilder’s built-in SEO tools manage Ecommerce SEO so you can manage your business.

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