Back-Office Integration Simplifies Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEOTo the novice, SEO might mean placing a few important keywords in prominent locations throughout a website.

But SEO is a far more sophisticated practice, including website structure, URL structure, site mapping, linking, load time, mobile friendliness and more. As a result, SEO influences the very infrastructure of a website or webpage.

Even to the experienced online marketer, the ball is always moving. Search engines are always evolving, optimizing themselves, to determine the most relevant content. There is simply so much to SEO -- and so many factors that search engines like Google purposely never explain -- that it’s increasingly difficult to keep up.

And Ecommerce SEO is even more complicated.

The volume of nearly identical product pages constantly moving on and off of an ecommerce website is, in short, a challenge for search engines to index and track. If the search engine can’t tell one page from the next, it isn’t likely to serve up either on a Search Engine Results Page.

Your Content Management System needs to tell search engines what these product pages are and what to expect, and now factors such as canonical tags, cardinality, and duplicate content enter into the SEO equation. Manually generating and managing these product pages can become hazardous, inviting a litany of SEO penalties that most people don’t even know exist.

You need a Content Management System that makes Ecommerce SEO simple.

Ecommerce SEO

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