Compass Product Safety Information Management

When it comes to product safety, one slip up can cost a distributor hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, which makes product safety information management critical.

Here are some of the ways Essent business management software helps manage product safety:

  • You can define safety information in product detail so the information is there every time you call up the product.
  • You can have the user be automatically prompted to ask suppliers for product safety information.
  • You can configure the software to automatically put an order on hold if someone forgot to get the product safety information.
  • You can track lot and serial numbers to identify it in inventory and to contact buyers when a product has been recalled.
  • You can set rules and workflow to manage testing and certification processes.
  • You can report on regulated products based on multiple criteria to better manage them.

Essent Compass manages product safety information. Essent SiteBuilder ecommerce platform makes the safety information available online. Through Essent software integration, users define product safety information once and it’s available through all integrated components.

Even as product safety regulations change, Essent software can continue to aid product safety management. That’s because the user can adapt Essent software to carry out the unique business rules that the user wants all the way from quote to fulfillment to follow up.

Essent software vastly improves product safety management so that product sales are safer.