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SiteBuilder Pro Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiteBuilder Pro Ecommerce Edition?

SiteBuilder Pro Ecommerce Edition is a fully-integrated web-based Website Design System, Content Management System (CMS), and Ecommerce System. SiteBuilder Pro is designed collectively for developers, designers, and content editors. SiteBuilder Pro is ideal for web designers, web developers, visual designers, and marketing professionals who want to design world-class informational websites and professional-grade ecommerce sites.

What Browsers are supported?

SiteBuilder supports multiple versions of the most popular browsers. 

How does product information get to my website?

The Administrator of the Site can create unique Product Catalogs of products with descriptions, images, pricing, properties, surveys, etc. A Catalog, when created, can point to one or more SiteBuilder Pro sites.

Customers of the Essent Business Management System, Compass, can create catalogs in the Compass Inventory module to fully integrate with SiteBuilder Pro.

Does SiteBuilder Pro support Price Levels?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro supports Price Levels for products on its web sites. Products can have multiple price levels based on the quantity purchased. The quantity price levels can be displayed in the product detail to allow the shopper to see the price breaks. The quantity added to the shopping cart will automatically adjust the per-unit price based on the table. Quantities of multiple products can even aggregate to define the quantity used to determine the price break. (For example, purchasing 12 of product A and 12 of product B could calculate the pricing based on the total aggregate quantity of 24).

Does SiteBuilder Pro support Matrix Products?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro does support Matrix Products. Any two elements can be defined to create a Matrix Product Family. The most common example of a Matrix Product is apparel with the two elements of size and color. Any two properties can be used to create a Matrix Family. Products can be individually created for the site catalog and then linked together after the fact to create the Matrix Family or a Matrix Family can be created all at one time.

The entire matrix can be updated simultaneously. For example, if a product comes in 10 sizes and 10 colors and a description changes, the description of all 100 items can be updated from one screen. If the pricing changes just for a sub group of the matrix, individual price tables can be adjusted without changing the other matrix children. Any element such as price, description, or image of any one child of the matrix can also be edited individually if needed.

Matrix products can be displayed with the option for the shopper to select the appropriate properties. For example, a shopper can select their desired size and then select the appropriate colors available in the that size. Matrix products can also be optionally displayed in an Order Form style. This allows a shopper to select multiple style options, adding multiple products to the cart from a single entry.

Does SiteBuilder Pro support Gift Certificates?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro does support Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates can be optionally defined as a payment method for a site. Upon checkout, a shopper can redeem a Gift Certificate as a form of payment. If the Order amount exceeds the amount of the Gift Certificate, the remaining balance due can be paid by another payment method such as Credit Card or PayPal. Gift Certificates can also be added to the Site Catalog as a Product, allowing a web shopper to purchase a Gift Certificate from the site.

Can I use SiteBuilder Pro for a private Company Store?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro is scalable to fit any need. SiteBuilder Pro can create and maintain large-scale advanced eccomerce or a Private Company Store. Distributors use SiteBuilder Pro to affordably create private Company Stores for their customers. Company Stores allow distributors to market branded merchandise specific to their customer giving unique corporate branding.

What kind of Bandwidth is required to use SiteBuilder Pro?

Flexible Bandwidth options are provided as part of a SiteBuilder Pro hosting agreement with Essent. Bandwidth options can be adjusted based on traffic of concurrent shoppers to a site. Bandwidth can be adjusted to fit any budget and insure reliable performance to provide an enjoyable shopping experience by end users. Bandwidth can be limited to less than .5 Mbps or opened to over 5 Mbps depending on the unique needs of the Site.

Can a SiteBuilder Pro site restrict by IP Address or use a gateway?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro can optionally restrict access to the Site for any Private information sites or Private Company Stores with eccomerce. A web site can optionally require a Gateway. The Gateway is a log in screen to restrict visibility or access to the site until the proper log in is entered on the Gateway screen.

Private Sites may optionally limit access to a Site to shoppers coming from or outside of a certain IP Address or range of IP Addresses.

If I don't have the resources, can Essent design my website?

Yes. Your Web Administrator can create a custom web site or duplicate a template provided in SiteBuilder Pro. A third-party web design company can use your SiteBuilder Pro to create your custom design within SiteBuilder Pro. Essent can optionally provide Web Design services to create the unique look your brand desires. Essent can also optionally provide Web Creation services to take your design and create the Site within SiteBuilder Pro.

Does SiteBuilder Pro support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) natively?

Yes. SiteBuilder Pro does natively support SEO and SEM.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from Search Engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Typically, the higher the site appears in the search results list, the more visitors will visit from the search engine. SEO considers how search engines work and and what words people use to search. SiteBuilder Pro optimizes SEO results with URL naming, HTML coding and other techniques to remove barriers to indexing activities of search engines. In short, SiteBuilder Pro will improve your rankings for search engines such as Google and increase traffic to your site, resulting in more shoppers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote web sites by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Results pages with advertising. SEM methods include paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. SiteBuilder Pro supports Promotions to work directly with and support of SEM methods.

Essent can optionally provide consulting services for SEM and SEO.