Go With The Flow

Workflow Configured for What Makes You Successful

Workflow is What Sets a Company Apart

What you do, how well you do it, and how consistently you do it.

A business management system with configurable workflow allows companies to build-in the processes and activities that set it apart from the competition. Learn more

Configurable Workflow

Tell Your Technology What Needs to Be Done

You Define the Workflow and the Technology Helps Make Sure It Happens.

Companies define processes and activities, and the system alerts staff at the right time to make sure that what's needed for an efficient transaction happens. Learn more

How Workflow Works with Essent

5 Major Advantages of Going with the Flow

Configurable workflow standardizes what makes you successful.

When the way you do business is built into your business management system, mistakes go down and efficiency goes up. Learn more

5 Advantages of Configurable Workflow

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Go With The Flow

A business management system with configurable workflow is a system set up for what makes you a success.

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