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Essent® InSite® Architecture is modular, flexible, and scalable. Data is collected, transferred, parsed, managed and archived throughout the different layers of the system.

The modules are broken out by Data Collection, Data Parsing, Data Management, Presentation, Archiving, and Event Notification.

Small InSite Logical Data Flow Diagram

The Data Collectors can pull data from a device via standard protocols such as FTP or they can interrogate the device and initiate the data flow by issuing commands and capturing output. File transfer services can move the data collected by the Essent Data Collectors to Essent Data Parsers. The parsers decode and translate the data and upload it into the InSite Databases. The InSite Data Model is a Relational Database Management System built specifically for housing Performance Management data. The InSite Warehouse is a collection of de-normalized tables that contain aggregated summary and busy hour snapshot information. The Data Presentation Layer can be a client server application or built on a business intelligence solution. The Data Presentation Layer abstracts the low level details of an RDBMS from the user while still providing access to very detailed raw information. Data archiving tools make disk storage usage efficient. The Essent Event Notification and Alarming system monitors the InSite System, the relays database errors, processes soft alarms, and notifies administrative and support teams via standard protocols such as Email, Net Send, and SNMP. ;

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