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Data Collectors

Essent® InSite® Architecture is modular, flexible, and scalable. Data is collected, transferred, parsed, managed and archived throughout the different layers of the system.

Essent InSite includes a number of efficient and flexible Data Processing tools used for the Extraction/Transformation/Loading of a variety of data sources and data types. The average time for InSite to completely process telecom data is typically under 1 minute.

Extraction tools, called Data Collectors, are configurable software components that run on industry-standard hardware. Data Collectors are capable of pulling or catching data via all major communication channels and protocols. Data Collectors create Raw Data Files that can be moved throughout the network file system, allowing any file system utility to be used where appropriate.

Essent Commander is a configurable InSite component that can interrogate a device on a recurring basis, extract data, and pass it to the data transfer service. This allows for configuring automated data collection from a Network Element with little or no configuration to be done on the Network Element itself.

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