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Data Parsers

Transformation tools, called Parsers, are programmable software components that run on industry-standard hardware. Parsers quickly and efficiently decode Raw Data Files and place converted data into the database. Parsers support allowing different measurements types and counters to be turned off or on as requirements permit.

Processed Raw Data Files are segregated based on the result of the processing and preserved. Raw Data Files that are unsuccessfully processed for any reason can be automatically reprocessed or quarantined in an error folder for eventual inspection or deletion. Any parsing failures are logged and alarms can be generated from these failures.

The Essent® Alert! Agent Can monitor all Essent Services for data collection, data transfer, and data parsing, logging issues as necessary. The Essent Soft Alarm Processor can monitor the errors logged by parsers and by the Essent Alert! Agent and generate soft alarms. The Essent Alert! Notification system can deliver soft alarm notification to a trap receiver via SNMP, any email account, or net send a user or machine.

Data Processing tools are extremely scalable. Each data processing service can be installed as multiple instances on a server or multiple geographically-distributed servers. As loads increase, additional services can be installed to meet the increased demand.

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