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Essent InSite is a powerful yet flexible information management system for traditional and cellular telecommunications carriers. InSite is open. Using industry-standard hardware and software, InSite is extremely cost-effective, flexible, reliable, extensible. InSite is technologically superior. Designed for a three-tired client/server environment, all users – local or remote – can enjoy the advantages offered by InSite.

    • Executives see that InSite gives them a superlative view of their single-largest corporate profit center.
    • Administrators find InSite to be a logical system that is easy to maintain and grow.
    • Managers learn that InSite allows them to be proactive to network issues as opposed to reactive to information traditionally gathered and reported to them.
    • Engineers discover that InSite is a valuable tool, providing comprehensive network performance metrics and analysis — reducing the time to identify bottlenecks, preventing potential problems, spotting outages, and measuring successes.
    • Technicians discover that InSite is an invaluable tool, providing reliable performance metrics and a depth of network analysis unrivaled in the industry.

Essent InSite is a sound investment for today and tomorrow.

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