How Tokenization Boosts Security and PCI Compliance -- Essent Lunch & Learn

 Essent Lunch and Learn Tokenization

Our Lunch & Learn series continued with a look into payment card tokenization and what it means for us and our customers.

Essent Vice President of Development Adam Taylor explained how Essent Commerce Cloud architecture allows tokens --  basically a string of randomized numbers -- to take the place of actual payment card numbers.

With tokenization, payment card data does not enter the Essent cloud database. So even if a blackhat hacker wanted to try to get into the database, there would be no payment card data to find -- only the unusable tokens.

For Essent and Essent customers hosted on the Essent Commerce Cloud, tokenization is a major factor in the secure processing and storage of payment card data. It also greatly streamlines PCI requirements since payment card data is replaced by tokens in the Essent cloud.

We hold our Lunch & Learn sessions once a month for our colleagues to share their expertise with the rest of the staff so that we all become better problem solvers for our customers.

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