PPB Greatest Companies to Work For: 'Bright People Help Solve Real-World Problems'

Essent was named one of the 2015 PPB Greatest Companies to Work For in the promotional products industry. The technology solutions provider was chosen based on nominations from its employees, including this one from PPB Rising Star Adam Taylor.

Adam Taylor

PPB Greatest Companies to Work For Adam Taylor

Why do you love working at Essent?

It's really rewarding working for a Company that helps its customers solve real-world problems through automation. I'd love to build robots to help solve their problems, but technology hasn't caught up to that yet so building applications is the next best thing ;)

The team at Essent is a close knit group of people that work hard and play hard. We all chip in and help each other out; it's good to know we all have each others backs. We have a bunch of really talented, smart, bright people working here. Nothing better than being surrounded by good people.

How does Essent celebrate successes?

Management Team Cooking Breakfasts (Huevos Rancheros!), Go Karting, Video Game Tournaments, Baseball games, as well as individual accolades in weekly meetings and regular reviews.

What makes Essent different from other companies in the industry or other companies you have worked for?

Everyone really gets along well and there are tons of opportunities for capable people who apply themselves. Really, the sky is the limit here.

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