PPB Greatest Companies to Work For: 'Camaraderie is Off the Charts'

Essent was named one of the 2015 PPB Greatest Companies to Work For in the promotional products industry. The technology solutions provider was chosen based on nominations from its employees, including this one from Marketing Coordinator Douglas B. Brill.

Douglas B. Brill

Why do you love working at Essent?

I never stop learning. My start at Essent last year marked a change of careers for me. Right off the bat and ever since, the managers and especially the President/CEO have been endlessly forthcoming and generous in teaching me my new craft. The level of attention and genuine care I get from my superiors and peers is, in a word, refreshing. My colleagues all the way up to and including the top guy Eric Alessi care about my growth -- which makes me care even more about the company's growth.

How does Essent celebrate successes?

Our celebrations are baked right into the culture. We don't necessarily throw a party when we get a big new customer or anything like that (although that's in the playbook, too!). But periodic events like go-kart outings, baseball games, company breakfasts, and video game tournaments are continuous reminders of our continuous success. Some of us like to kick back in the conference room for the last hour on a Friday to just talk, joke and razz each other. Our celebrations are baked in because our success is baked in.

What makes Essent different from other companies in the industry or other companies you have worked for?

The camaraderie at Essent is off the charts. We're all invested in each other's success. I came from a company in another industry where I worked more than 8 years WITHOUT EVER ONCE MEETING THE OWNERS! Here at Essent, I meet the owners every day. I meet all my colleagues every day. They guide me every day. I can tell them my opinion every day. We can arrive at solutions together. We can disagree. We can make fun of each other. We go out to meals together. We're all on the same team -- right from the boss all the way down to the newest employee here.

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