PPB Greatest Companies to Work For: 'Honestly, I Love Working for Essent'

Essent was named one of the 2015 PPB Greatest Companies to Work For in the promotional products industry. The technology solutions provider was chosen based on nominations from its employees, including this one from Business Analyst Will Austin.

Will Austin

PPB Greatest Companies to Work For Will Austin 

Why do you love working at Essent?

Love is a strong word but I can honesty say that I love working for Essent. In my professional career, I've worked for numerous organizations. Besides the military, I never felt the sense of accomplishment and pride that I have when I end my workday at Essent. I work with a great team, I'm consistently being challenged, and I've learned so much already. It feels like home at Essent and I'm thankful for the opportunity that I been have given. I look forward to the adventure ahead.

How does Essent celebrate successes?

Besides the breakfasts, the picnics, and team building events; a fist bump, a high five, or a simple good job are ways we celebrate success. Honestly, the strength and growth of the Essent team and the organization is a consistent reminder of our success, no celebration needed.

What makes Essent different from other companies in the industry or other companies you have worked for?

Essent offers such a positive work environment that everyone can be open and honest with each other when working towards the greater good of the company. It's quite inspiring and motivational.

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