'We Are Red Hat Week' Makes Its Annual Stop at Essent Place

The self-described "Linux nerds" from fellow technology provider Red Hat visited Essent Place Friday, Oct. 26, in what's becoming tradition for We Are Red Hat Week.

It was the second annual October visit for the Red Hat technologists, who work in and around the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia, Pa., areas. Once per year, they come together to co-work at Essent Place, and it's always a fun time.



The back story is that Marc Richter, Senior Technical Account Manager for Red Hat, knows Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi from Boy Scouts of America Troop 76, where they volunteer and their sons participate.

Now Marc and the Red Hat team come to visit Eric and the Essent team at least once a year. It loosely coincides with "We Are Red Hat Week," a celebration of the open-source software company and its culture.

There's a decent amount of ribbing and joking -- as of this writing, laughs and clapping can still be heard throughout the building -- but we try to be serious too. We had a roundtable discussion on some deep technology topics.



Red Hat seemed to bring a bigger crowd than last year. Hopefully they bring an even bigger crowd next year.



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