4 More Suppliers Add PromoStandards Endpoints via OrderTrax

Four more suppliers have added PromoStandards endpoints via the Essent® OrderTrax® Network.

The Bugatti Group is now sharing Inventory information with distributor partners automatically and in real-time. Compass Industries added Order Shipment Notification to its existing Order Status integration. Golden Pacific added Order Status. And TWG International added Order Status and Order Shipment Notification.

The Essent OrderTrax Network continues to be a leading resource for suppliers looking to establish PromoStandards endpoints, with OrderTrax processing more than 1 million distributor requests for information so far.

The advantage of integration is that the information needed to move transactions forward can be shared automatically and in real-time, rather than slowly and manually through countless calls and emails.

Distributors can contact Essent to connect learn how to connect to the supplier endpoints. Suppliers can contact Essent to establish endpoints of their own.

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