Essent Continues Expanding Sales Department, Hires Chimaine Shadd as Sales Coordinator

Essent® Corporation continues to expand its Sales Department with the addition of Chimaine Shadd, a 3-year veteran of the promotional products industry who has also represented some of the world’s biggest brands.

Chimaine joins Essent as full-time Sales Coordinator after 3 years as a contracted part-time Sales Assistant with Essent.

"We have watched Chimaine demonstrate knowledge of the industry, attentiveness to customer needs, and diligence in making sure companies receive the information they require to make important decisions about technology solutions. Chimaine’s track record of serving Essent customers and prospects make her an easy choice to join Essent as a full-time Sales Coordinator,” Essent Vice President of Sales Bryan Sheaffer said.

Interest in Essent solutions are at an all-time high. DJ and Chimaine are rock-solid additions to our all-star team who will help Essent meet continually rising demand.

Chimaine is the second addition to the Essent Sales Department in 3 months. David Jungling (DJ) recently joined Essent as Sales Executive with more than 25 years of experience in promotional products software and business process expertise, including as Regional Sales Manager at ASI Computer Systems.

"Interest in Essent business management, ecommerce, and integration solutions are at an all-time high. With demonstrated abilities to help promotional products companies explore technology solutions, DJ and Chimaine are rock-solid additions to our all-star team who will help Essent meet continually rising demand,” Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi said.

Before joining Essent, Chimaine worked in Sales and Marketing with Sony, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Nissan, and Canon, among others.

"The work environment at Essent is unparalleled and I’m excited to join the industry’s top technology solutions provider on a full-time basis. Essent customers and prospects have experienced my commitment to their needs, and my new role will only allow me to further that commitment,” Chimaine said.

Chimaine can be reached at 610-559-9999 ext. 838 or

Connect with Chimaine on LinkedIn to congratulate her on her new position.

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