PPAI Awards Nominees Include 9 Essent Users

Trading partners on the Essent® OrderTrax Network® and users of the Essent Compass™ business management system are once again among PPAI awards finalists.

Essent OrderTrax is the promotional products industry standard for sending and receiving documents electronically. Distributors, suppliers and decorators use it to share documents like sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices. It’s quick and easy even when trading partners are using different systems. OrderTrax makes sure the partners’ documents are speaking the same language so time can be spent on building business rather than deciphering forms.

Essent Compass is the only fully-integrated business management system designed for the unique needs of distributors and suppliers.

The Nominees

Two Essent Compass users are finalists for the 2015 PPAI Pyramid Awards for "outstanding, creative use of promotional products to deliver effective, results-oriented initiatives for a variety of client programs and campaigns,” according to PPAI. They are Activate! Promotions + Marketing, and Grapevine Designs LLC.

Two Essent OrderTrax trading partners are finalists for the 2015 PPAI Suppliers Achievement Awards for "outstanding craftsmanship, creativity and service to distributors,” according to PPAI. They are: BIC Graphic USA, Gemline, and Hit Promotional Products.

Four Essent OrderTrax trading partners are finalists for the 2015 PPAI Image Awards for "creative, insightful and effective branding activities that convey information about the company’s identity, products or services to customers,” according to PPAI. They are:  HALO Branded Solutions, Leed’s, and Newton Manufacturing Co.

Three Essent OrderTrax trading partners are finalists for PPAI’s Technology Awards for "the development and effective use of technology in a wide variety of applications,” according to PPAI. They are: Gemline, HALO Branded Solutions, and Pinnacle Promotions Inc.

In all, nine Essent users are nominated and two are nominated multiple times.

Announcements at Expo

Winners will be announced at the PPAI Expo, which is scheduled Jan. 11-15 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Essent OrderTrax trading partners took home a number of awards last year.

"We congratulate all of the nominees and are honored that Essent OrderTrax Network trading partners are among them. These distributors and suppliers are nominated for service, communication and quality, all of which are attributes enhanced by the Essent OrderTrax Network. We’re thrilled to contribute to their success,” Essent Vice President of Research and OrderTrax General Manager Steve Luisser said.

"We also congratulate the Essent Compass users who are nominated. The Essent Compass business management system instills the efficiency needed to better serve clients, and these users are nominated for getting results. They were part of campaigns that worked, and we’re pleased our business management software helped them reach those results,” Essent Vice President of Sales and Promo Industry Specialist Bryan Sheaffer said.