PromoStandards Launches Significant Improvement to Product Data Standard

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PromoStandards has enhanced the Product Data integration standard that simplifies the implementation and increases the value to both distributors and suppliers. The enhanced Product Data service provides a standardized way to electronically share product information that previously was only available in proprietary or printed forms.

"This service adds immediate value to any distributor or service provider looking for real time and accurate data to populate websites."

The standard allows suppliers to quickly publish product information to distributors who are using the product data for publishing products to external websites as well as internal systems including ERP and order entry systems. This enhanced standard will significantly accelerate a distributors ability to launch new products and send cleaner orders to suppliers.

6 of the top 7 promotional products suppliers representing $5.4 billion in annual sales are among the suppliers who adopted the PromoStandards Product Data Standard.

Key Improvements

The enhanced Product Data 2.0 standard makes several key improvements:

  • Primary Image URL provides a path to the default image for the product, which previously required the Media Content.
  • Pricing, including blank and decorated pricing, quantity-based pricing, and discount codes, is now included. Pricing previously was available only via the Product Pricing & Configuration.
  • Imprint details including the default imprint location and decoration method information is now included, as well as the maximum number of imprint colors. Complete configuration details are available through the Product Pricing & Configuration.
  • Improved color support for clarity and convenience colors can now be expressed as a standard color name, such as "green,” in addition to a Hex or Pantone color, such as "PMS 361.” Distributors can much more readily identify the colors available because they no longer need to look up Hex or Pantone codes.
  • Compliance information is noted. Products that have related compliance information such as product safety will be marked as such to let data consumers know compliance information is available for the product. Detailed compliance information is to be included in a future standard.

Responding to the Community

"At the PPAI Expo we asked participants what they would like to see from PromoStandards in 2019. The overwhelming response was for concise product data that can be readily consumed for ecommerce shared Eric Shonebarger, PromoStandards Standards Committee Chairman, Board Member, and CIO of Top 10 supplier Hit Promotional Products. "We knew our number one goal for 2019 was to deliver based on community feedback.”

Said Dale Denham, PromoStandards Board Member and Senior Vice President/CIO of Top 10 distributor Geiger. "Product Data 2.0 is a game changer for Geiger and Crestline. We are able to launch new products from participating suppliers to our 300+ Geiger and Crestline websites the day after a supplier publishes them to us. We also are using this data for our order entry systems which improves the quality of the orders we send to suppliers. We’re excited to continue to leverage the constantly improving PromoStandards specifications to improve our business operations.”

"This service has been a long time coming and will add immediate value to any distributor or service provider looking for real time and accurate data to populate websites” Said Jon Norris, VP of Operations for Starline and Chair of PromoStandards. "We were diligent to get the communities feedback and deliver the right pieces of data that the industry needs to better connect the supply chain. I am very happy where we ended up. Now it’s go time” To view the technical specifications on this new service please visit:

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