PromoStandards Purchase Order Integration for Suppliers Now Live via OrderTrax

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Suppliers can now automatically receive electronic Purchase Orders from trading partners using the PromoStandards™ document format via the Essent® OrderTrax® Network.

Essent implemented the PromoStandards Purchase Order integration in December for several suppliers who now automatically receive Purchase Orders that are ready for immediate, efficient processing.

Suppliers can go live with the PO integration in as little as one day with the Essent Fast-Track™ option. Essent also offers a Custom Integration option that can allow the contents of the Purchase Order to flow automatically into the supplier’s ERP or business management system.

Here’s how the PromoStandards Purchase Order Integration works with the Essent OrderTrax Network:

  • PromoStandards – where Essent is a founding member and an author of the standards – previously defined the information needed for complete, accurate Purchase Orders.
  • Distributors who are ready to buy push Purchase Order information to the supplier’s PromoStandards Purchase Order endpoint on the Essent OrderTrax Network cloud.
  • OrderTrax employs a proprietary validator that adds significant value by analyzing the PO and notifying the supplier of potential issues like missing or invalid information.
  • OrderTrax automatically sends the electronic PO to the supplier for order processing.

Since the required information is defined and OrderTrax validates the POs, suppliers are much more likely to receive Purchase Orders that are complete, accurate and ready for processing without unnecessary clarification and delay.

A growing community of distributors are taking advantage of suppliers’ Purchase Order endpoints to send hassle-free POs, which not only make processing more efficient for the supplier but also help ensure the distributor and/or end buyer receives orders as soon as possible without unnecessary back-and-forth.

Purchase Order integration is one step toward the award-winning ‘Holy Grail’ integration of Well-Formed™ orders and automated order processing. Well-Formed orders are orders so accurate that they can be processed by computers with little or no manual intervention.

Contact Essent to move forward with PromoStandards integration via the Essent OrderTrax Network.

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