A PIM Tracks the Tax, No Matter How Many Rules

The United States has 9,998 taxing jurisdictions and each has its own set of rules.

Apparel, for example, is tax exempt in nine states, partially exempt in three states, and taxed at various rates in other states.

Colorado taxes cups but not the lids. Florida has a tax holiday for fanny packs. Chicago has different tax rates for candy depending if it contains flower.

With nearly 10,000 different sets of taxing rules just in the United States, businesses need a way to manage all of that tax information or else risk non-compliance.

A Product Information Management system integrated with a tax engine is a powerful tool. By tracking and automating tax rules in every jurisdiction, a PIM can help manage a sheer volume of tax information that would be very difficult for anyone to manage on their own.

A PIM can keep track of all the rules, no matter how many there are.

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