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SiteBuilder Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiteBuilder Pro?

SiteBuilder Pro is a fully-integrated web-based Website Design System, Content Management System (CMS), and Ecommerce System. SiteBuilder Pro is designed collectively for developers, designers, and content editors. SiteBuilder Pro is ideal for web designers, web developers, visual designers, and marketing professionals that want to design world-class informational websites and professional-grade ecommerce sites.

What kind of sites can I create with SiteBuilder Pro?

Any kind of site of any size can be created with SiteBuilder Pro. Informational, ecommerce, portals, and web-based applications call all be easily created with the platform. SiteBuilder Pro is designed from the ground up to scale from private, single-server company stores serving a few users all the way to international, public, multi-server, geographically-distributed, SEO and SEM-optimized web farms with thousands of concurrent users.

What skills do I need to use SiteBuilder Pro?

Both experts and novices are comfortable with the power and automation provided by the platform. SiteBuilder Pro is designed from the ground-up to take the skill-levels of various user roles into account. SiteBuilder Pro handles all of the complexity for novices, yet exposes all of the details for experts; all without compromise.

Do you need to be a web programmer to update content?

No. The true power of SiteBuilder Pro is the ability to add content, and even functionality, quickly and easily with absolutely no HTML or web programming experience. If you can use a word processor, you can use SiteBuilder Pro.

Do I need to maintain a complex server environment for SiteBuilder Pro? Who hosts SiteBuilder Pro?

No, you do not need to manage the complexities of a routers, DMZ, web farm, database clusters, or the operating systems. SiteBuilder Pro is an on-demand platform hosted on redundant equipment by Essent at our secure hosting facilities.

Can a SiteBuilder Pro website be stand-alone or must it be integrated with another system?

SiteBuilder Pro can be used stand-alone or integrated with external systems. The SiteBuilder Pro Ecommerce Edition includes the Essent Ecommerce Engine, the same enterprise-grade technology used in the Compass Business Management System.

See http://www.essent.com/Compass.html for more information about Compass.

Can I use SiteBuilder Pro with the Compass Business Management System?

Yes, SiteBuilder Pro seamlessly integrates with Compass through the Compass Connector.

See http://www.essent.com/Compass.html for more information about Compass.

See http://www.essent.com/CompassConnector.html for more information about the Compass Connector.