Software Systems Integration Makes a More Efficient Supply Chain

The traditional ways that trading partners – distributors, decorators, and suppliers – communicate business information is manual. The approach costs everyone in the supply chain time, money, and opportunities.

Phone calls, emails, and manual verification sap untold man-hours every day from suppliers, decorators, and distributors alike. It’s a time-intensive back-and-forth, repeated order after order, day after day. As the order cycle further compresses, the problem will continue to get worse.

Instead of spending all of the time and labor on phone calls, emails, and manual verification, trading partners can link their ERPs.

All the time and money spent communicating, re-communicating, and correcting the business information creates Supply Chain Friction – the avoidable time, labor, and costs that get built into every order through inefficient communication.

Software Systems Integration solves Supply Chain Friction by allowing trading partners to communicate important business information automatically, accurately, and in real-time. This includes the information and documents that buyers most often want and that sellers spend the most time providing: price and availability, product configuration, order status, shipping notices, invoices, and more.

Instead of spending all of the time and labor on phone calls, emails, and manual verification, trading partners can link their ERPs to automatically, securely, and instantaneously transmit the business information. Alternately or additionally, the trading partners can use credentialed web services to instantly to instantly gather the same types of information from one another.

The result is instant, hassle-free visibility to the information that’s needed to do business. The solution allows distributors, decorators, and suppliers to automatically and simply exchange the information they used to spend the most time communicating by phone and email.

Integration creates a supply chain without Supply Chain Friction.

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