Distributor Integration Advantages: Instant Information, Ultimate Efficiency

Software Systems Integration Information AccessIntegration provides distributors the hassle-free information they need to make decisions, keep end buyers informed, and manage transactions as efficiently as possible.

Distributors first need to know, before buying, what’s available and at what price. Integrating with suppliers provides that inventory information, so that a distributor simply needs to check online or in its ERP to see what the supplier has to satisfy the end user.

The resources that otherwise would be used to process orders can now spent on more productive activities, like sales.

Distributors then can configure the product using product configuration integrations. Rather than call or email through all of the imprint methods, imprint locations, and other product configuration data, a distributor can simply configure the product in a virtual setting according to the rules pre-established by the supplier for each product.

Integration also makes it easy for suppliers to keep track of orders and provide the information that end buyers want to know, namely, When can I expect the order? This cuts down on distributors’ time and labor because they’re no longer placing a call or email to the supplier. Order status information and shipping notices are automatically.

When it’s time to pay for the order, integration also allows the distributor to automatically receive an invoice from the supplier.

In advanced integrations such as Automated Order Processing, entire orders can be automatically submitted, processed, and ready for the production floor with little or no human intervention required.

The integration decreases expenses, saves time, and improves communications and efficiency. The resources that otherwise would be used to process orders can now spent on more productive activities, like sales.

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