Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: What Works and What’s Just Annoying?

Ecommerce Marketing StrategyImagine walking through a department store knowing exactly what you want to buy, but at every turn something gets in the way.

You’re required to give your address to go through the front door. You round a corner and suddenly a store employee wants to chat about an in-store promotion. You almost get to the golf shirt you want, but a large advertisement for pants gets in the way. When you finally grab the shirt, the cashier tries to upsell you (and you get the feeling the employee’s been watching you). Then you finally pay and go home, only to receive a constant stream of junk mail and calls.

It sounds aggravating. Yet it happens all the time when ecommerce marketing strategies like email registration, pop-up ads, upsells, and follow-up emails are misused or abused.

On one hand, the ecommerce marketing strategies are proven to work for ecommerce websites. On the other, they are proven to often irritate shoppers. So when it comes to ecommerce marketing strategy, what’s effective and what’s just annoying?

We’re taking a periodic look at some ecommerce marketing strategies and how to use them.

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