First and Foremost Provider of PromoStandards Solutions

Essent is a deeply experienced provider of integration solutions, including trading partner integration via the PromoStandards protocol.

First and Foremost: Essent is the industry’s longest serving champion of integration services making operations, supply chains, and the industry more efficient. We are the provider of the industry’s first trading partner integration network, the Essent OrderTrax Network, available since 2010 and we are one of the 10 founders of PromoStandards in 2014.

PromoStandards-integrated ERP: Essent natively integrates with PromoStandards protocols. The EssentOne business management system brings CRM, Quotes, Orders, Operations, Accounting, and more together in one fully integrated system that scales with you as you grow.

Any ERP: Essent provides its own ERP, EssentOne, which natively integrates via the PromoStandards protocol. But through our deep integration experience we also integrate with the ERP or business management system of your choosing, even proprietary systems. If we can connect to it, we can integrate it.

Essent OrderTrax Network: The Essent OrderTrax Network is the first, only, and trusted integration network specifically designed for the industry, with more than 1 billion tranactions, 50 million PromoStandards calls, and over 13,000 trading partner connections.

Most Experienced: Essent is a mature, PPAI Technology Summit Internal Innovator Award-winning integrator who has championed back-office and trading partner integration for decades. Essent is the most experienced integration solution provider in the industry, bar none.

PromoStandards Founder: Essent is a founding member of PromoStandards, along with 9 other prestigious industry firms, with a vision for supply chain efficiency. Essent serves on the PromoStandards Board, Standards Committee, and co-authors PromoStandards protocols. We know the protocols inside and out because we help design them and perform real-world testing. Everything you can do with PromoStandards, Essent does with PromoStandards.

Quick Implementation: Essent implements endpoints quickly, cost-effectively, and comprehensively, leading users to call Essent "the most efficient path to integration in the promotional products industry.” With the Essent Fast-Track™ service, some endpoints can be completed in less than 24 hours.

Distributors and Suppliers: Essent has tight relationships with suppliers and distributors throughout decades in the promotional products industry and serves on the print industry’s Brand Chain Technology Committee. We have extensive knowledge of best practices across multiple supply chain roles and industries.

Most Cost-Effective: On time and on budget. Our deep integration experience coupled with our established integration network, OrderTrax, help keep your investment moderate and easy to budget. At the end of the day, Essent integration reduces labor and errors, providing a proven return on investment.

Highest Quality: Besides holding the PPAI Technology Summit Internal Innovator award for the "Holy Grail” integration of order automation, Essent provides comprehensive integration services for the most effective implementations.

  • Analysis: Experienced integration analysts consult with you to understand your system, your needs, and how to implement endpoints effectively.
  • Mapping: Data comes from several sources and different sources can format data in different ways. Data source by data source, we map fields from the target data source to make systems communicate seamlessly.
  • Data Transformation: Data from different sources often have different data models, requiring data to be transformed from the source to the target. Essent can convert almost any data in any model into the right moldel for a given integration. We’ll work with your systems, transforming the data as necessary, to make the integration work and automation a reality.
  • Matchmaking: The Essent Matchmaking service finds you trading partners who want to integrate so that your integration capabilities are more widely utilized. Matchmaking helps you implement once and leverage your integration investment across multiple trading partners.
  • Usage Reporting: Know that your integration works and what it’s accomplishing with detailed reports that show you what data your trading partners are accessing and how frequently.
  • Fully Supported: Essent not only implements the latest protocols and endpoints through comprehensive integration services, but hosts, secures, and maintains the integrations on the OrderTrax Network with a Support team ready to provide help when you need it.
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