Charles River Apparel Providing Distributors Time-Saving Services with Array of OrderTrax® Integration

"The continuous expansion of the Charles River Apparel integration offerings meets our core values – being respectful of our customers’ time, delivering quality and excellence, and striving for continuous improvement.”
- Charles River Apparel Chief Technology Officer Jeison Ortega

Charles River Apparel, a Top 40 supplier in the promotional products industry, saves its distributors time and provides seamless buying experiences with an increasing number of integration offerings.

Essent recently implemented fourth, fifth and sixth integration endpoints for Charles River Apparel via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using the PromoStandands protocol. In addition to the Media Content, Product Data, and Purchase Order endpoints recently completed, Charles River Apparel previously made the Inventory, Order Status, and Order Shipment Notification endpoints available to its distributor partners by integrating via the Essent OrderTrax Network and PromoStandards.

Distributors integrated with Charles River Apparel now can look up complete, accurate, real-time information at any time for around-the-clock visibility that saves time and makes more efficient partnerships. With the integration, the information needed to move transactions forward can be shared electronically, automatically, and in real-time, rather than slowly and manually through countless calls and emails.

"The continuous expansion of the Charles River Apparel integration offerings meets our core values – being respectful of our customers’ time, delivering quality and excellence, and striving for continuous improvement. With integration via the OrderTrax Network, the information that our customers most often want to know is right at their fingertips. Since the information is automatically provided, our customers don’t need to spend their valuable time and resources to call and email us. This also allows us to spend more time optimizing our service and products as we process orders more efficiently than ever before,” Charles River Apparel Chief Technology Officer Jeison Ortega said.

Charles River Apparel actively seeks to share the time-saving services with more distributors, who can contact Essent to get started. Charles River Apparel also plans to expand its integration offerings in the future to make more information immediately available to distributor partners.

Promotional products companies have used the 5,000-plus trading partner connections on the OrderTrax Network to exchange business information with trading partners more than 20 million times.

About Charles River Apparel

Charles River Apparel, founded in 1983 and based in New England, is a leading apparel supplier and recognized brand for corporations, businesses, school teams, retail stores, athletic groups, and college students with over 13,000 distributors and stores nationwide. The family-owned company, now in its third generation, is consistently recognized for its quality, style, and value as well as for its philanthropic efforts. Low minimums, decorating (screen print, embroidery, and heat transfer) capabilities, and same-day shipping make Charles River Apparel a one-stop shop for superior quality apparel. The company continues to be recognized as a top industry supplier (e.g., ASI Top 40, Promo Marketing Top 50, etc.).

About Essent

Essent is an innovative provider of fully-integrated business management software solutions and services for process-intensive industries. Essent solutions combine flexible workflow management with innovative technologies that automate repetitive tasks and simplify business processes. Since 1981, Essent has offered the systems, service, software, and support critical to success in today's highly-competitive marketplace. Essent provides best-in-class solutions for business management, ecommerce, and integration.

About OrderTrax

OrderTrax is a mature, proven integration network that features more than 5,000 trading partner connections that have been used to exchange business information more than 20 million times. Supporting ANSI X12, cXML, ePSA, PromoStandards, and other public and proprietary standards, OrderTrax allows companies to integrate to save time and create more efficient partnerships. Instead of implementing and maintaining a costly new integration for each trading partner, companies can integrate once through OrderTrax to become connected to many trading partners.

About PromoStandards

PromoStandards is a group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry. The group, including Essent, a Founding Member, defines and writes integration standards that allow distributors and suppliers to integrate for more efficient transactions and a more efficient supply chain.