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Top-10 Supplier Sunscope Adds More Integration via Essent OrderTrax® and PromoStandards™
Essent® most recently implemented the Purchase Orders integration for Sunscope via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards.
Quake City Caps Adds 7th Integration Endpoint via Essent OrderTrax® and PromoStandards™
Essent® implemented the Purchase Orders integration for Quake City Caps via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards™.
Charles River Apparel Providing Distributors Time-Saving Services with Array of OrderTrax® Integrati
Charles River Apparel, a Top 40 supplier in the promotional products industry, saves its distributors time and provides seamless buying experiences with an increasing number of integration offerings.
OrderTrax Now Offers New PromoStandards Inventory 2.0 Endpoint
The Essent® OrderTrax® Network now supports improved Inventory Availability integration that accounts for inventory locations, future inventory, on-demand products, manufactured products, and lead times to provide for a fuller picture of available items and when they are available.
Newell Custom Writing Instruments Adds 5th Integration Endpoint via OrderTrax®
Essent implemented the integration for Newell Custom Writing Instruments via the Essent OrderTrax Network using PromoStandards.
OrderTrax Surpasses 20 Million Queries Answered and 5,000 Company Connections
CASE STUDY: Charles River Apparel and the Essent OrderTrax Network
After fits and starts with a previous provider, a Top-40 Supplier moves its integration efforts to OrderTrax.
Quake City Caps Adds 6th Integration Endpoint via OrderTrax and PromoStandards
Quake City is now offering distributors daily visibility to Invoices.
ALightPromos Automatically Provides Real-Time Shipping Information via OrderTrax®
ALightPromos previously made Inventory and Order Status available to distributor partners by integrating via the Essent OrderTrax Network and PromoStandards.
Newell Custom Writing Instruments Providing Distributors Real-Time Inventory and Product Data via Or
Newell broadens its automation and efficiency with fourth integration project.
Outdoor Cap Provides Automatic Order Shipment Notifications with Essent OrderTrax Integration
Essent previously implemented the Order Status integration for Outdoor Cap.
2018 PPAI Expo Illustrates An Industry Quickly Embracing Integration
The PPAI Expo illustrated the growing support for trading partner integration as the time- and money-saving technology spreads further across the industry. PromoStandards events were more abundant and better attended at the 2018 PPAI Expo than in any year prior.
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