Webinar: Product Safety Information Management with Essent Compass

As PPAI’s Product Safety Awareness Program early-adopter campaign enters its final stretch, Essent will add to the momentum with webinars that show how the Essent Business Management System assists in product safety information management.

The next webinar is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on Tuesday, November 11. Click the blue "Sign Up Free" button to register.

Product safety is governed at the federal level by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which augmented its budget, staff, regulations and enforcement over six years beginning with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. That act also created elevated standards for testing and compliance, especially when it comes to metals like lead, chemicals like phthalates, and children’s toys and products. The standards also apply to artwork.

With unprecedented levels of regulation and enforcement, combined with potentially catastrophic penalties, a product safety management solution is imperative.

Plenty of tools

Associate Business Analyst and Project Manager Will Austin will show how to use Essent Compass tools to:

  • Make product-specific safety information available each time you call the product up.
  • Automatically prompt users to ask suppliers for product safety information.
  • Automatically put an order on hold if product safety information is missing.
  • Set rules and workflow to manage testing and certification processes (Enterprise Edition).
  • Report on regulated products based on multiple criteria to better manage them.

'Responsibility of entire supply chain'

The Essent business management system is equipped with tools that greatly enhance product safety information management so that product sales are safer. The tools are already available to suppliers and distributors using Compass™ and can be used for multiple business processes. Mr. Austin will demonstrate some of the best ways to apply these management tools specifically to product safety management.

Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi — who earlier this year personally undertook training in the PPAI Product Safety Awareness initiative and became a PPAI Product Safety Ambassador — states, "Product safety is the responsibility of the entire supply chain and Essent is committed to providing the tools and education to manage product safety. It is because of this responsibility, Essent is providing product safety information management training at no charge to Essent customers.”