Essent Achieves PPAI Product Safety Early Adopter Benchmark

Essent has reinforced its commitment to safety in the promotional products industry.

The promotional products software maker achieved the Product Safety Early Adopter benchmark from Promotional Products Association International.

Essent is committed to providing the promotional products industry with the Product Safety Management software it needs, said Essent CEO Eric Alessi, who undertook the PPAI training personally and was named Product Safety Ambassador.

"Essent applauds the vision and leadership of PPAI on product safety,” Mr. Alessi said. "Although product safety regulations don’t directly apply to Essent, Essent agrees with PPAI’s position and believes strongly that awareness is a responsibility of every product producer and consumer.”

Essent information systems include features for promotional products distributors, decorators, and suppliers to manage product safety, including:

-- Product Lot and Serial Number tracking and reporting. This allows rapid reaction when a product is recalled. When an affected batch of products is identified, Essent users can quickly find out if they’ve used or ordered part of the affected batch.

-- Product Safety information. Essent users can easily review information related to child product safety standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the Proposition 65 chemical disclosure standards.

-- Workflow for managing the product testing and certification process. The accuracy-ensuring integration and workflow that Essent software provides for managing daily business processes is also built into managing product safety processes.

-- Electronic Document Management for tracking certifications. Essent provides a fully integrated Document Management System that allows any file to be permanently linked to system information like customers and orders. Safety certification documents stay attached to companies and products.

PPAI encouraged its members to undertake the Product Safety training in exchange for sponsorship, advertising and trade show opportunities from PPAI. Hundreds of promotional products companies took up the offer, and the industry response has been warm.
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