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More than ever, users and customers expect real-time information. Now's the time to learn what 13,000-plus trading partner connections on the Essent OrderTrax Network can do for you.

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Innovation Line Integrates Product Data via Essent® OrderTrax® Network

"Our experience with the Essent integration team and the Essent OrderTrax Network is that there’s no better way to make integration easy and effective."

Supplier Innovation Line is now offering distributors real-time, around-the-clock visibility to Product Data, its fourth integration endpoint, to save time and make more efficient partnerships.

Essent® implemented the Product Data integration for Innovation Line via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards. Distributors integrated with Innovation Line now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Product Data at any time.

The advantage of integration is that the information needed to move transactions forward can be shared automatically and in real-time, rather than slowly and manually through countless calls and emails.

"Innovation Line is building upon its award-winning customer service by automatically providing real-time access to the information that our distributor partners most often want to know. Integration via OrderTrax saves us time and creates more efficient transactions partnerships,” Innovation Line Director Andy Quan said.

Innovation Line previously made Inventory, Order Status, and Order Shipment Notification available to distributor partners by integrating via the Essent OrderTrax Network and PromoStandards.

"Our experience with the Essent integration team and the Essent OrderTrax Network is that there’s no better way to make integration easy and effective. Essent handles the implementation and we simply invite our distributor partners to connect for more seamless relationships,” Quan said.

Innovation Line is actively seeking to share the time-saving service with more distributors, who can contact Essent to get started.

Inventory, Order Status, Order Shipment Notification, Product Data, Media Content, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Product Pricing & Configuration, and Product Compliance can be shared via OrderTrax using PromoStandards.

Promotional products companies have used 13,000-plus trading partner connections on the OrderTrax Network to perform more than $3 billion in commerce since 2010, including 50 million PromoStandards transactions.

About Innovation Line

Innovation Line (formerly known as Innovation Specialties) has been a supplier in the Promotional Products industry since 1983. Our product line is designed to promote any brand in a sophisticated, professional and yet, economical manner. We’re proud of the results which include being named a Counselor Magazine Top 10 Fastest Growing Supplier in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. We consistently attain the highest Customer Service, Product Quality and Problem Resolution ratings of A+ and 5 Stars. We are honored by these accolades but nothing gets our team more excited than a thank you email from an appreciative distributor who was able to close a deal due to our creativity and flexibility.

About Essent

Essent is an innovative provider of fully-integrated business management software solutions and services for process-intensive industries. Essent solutions combine flexible workflow management with innovative technologies that automate repetitive tasks and simplify business processes. Since 1981, Essent has offered the systems, service, software, and support critical to success in today's highly-competitive marketplace. Essent provides best-in-class solutions for business management, ecommerce, and integration.

About OrderTrax

OrderTrax is a mature, proven integration network that securely and accurately that annually processes more than 30 million transactions representing $3 Billion in commerce annually. Supporting ANSI X12, cXML, ePSA, PromoStandards, and other public and proprietary standards, OrderTrax allows companies to integrate using the standards of their choosing. Instead of implementing and maintaining a costly new integration for each trading partner, companies can integrate once through OrderTrax to become connected to many trading partners.

About PromoStandards

PromoStandards is a group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry. The group, including Essent, a Founding Member, defines and writes integration standards that allow distributors and suppliers to integrate for more efficient transactions and a more efficient supply chain.