PromoStandards Integration: What is PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is a group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers creating the computer code that lets distributor and supplier computer systems automatically share business information.

PromoStandards is a group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry.

The group, including Essent, is defining and writing integration standards -- computer code. The standards allow distributors and suppliers to integrate -- to connect their computer systems.

Once the integration is implemented, the distributor and supplier computer systems can automatically send and receive business information in real-time.

The information that can be shared is the information most often needed to share to move transactions forward. PromoStandards standards will allow companies to share:

  • Inventory (Price and Availability)
  • Order Status
  • Ship Notices
  • Media
  • Product Data
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product Configuration
  • And Invoices

Essent is a standards-setting member of PromoStandards, meaning that Essent helps define and write the code used for integration.

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