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The Cost of Poor Integration: $500K Per Year, Study Says
Lacking integration technology is leading to lost orders, workflows halted by missing data, and inefficient processing.
PPAI Expo 2020: Technology Solutions in Action, Booth 3157
Technology solutions for business management, ecommerce, integration, and more at 2020 PPAI Expo Booth 3157.
Donation Management Functionality for the Promotional Products Industry is Here for Season of Giving
For businesses who want to add a charitable component to their sales, collecting donations is just the start. Donation management software is for what comes next.
Ecommerce Integration: What To Consider When Choosing Your Approach
When picking an ecommerce integration option, it’s easy to be shortsighted. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each approach helps companies choose the integration method that’s most efficient and cost-effective for both the shortterm and the longterm.
2019 PPAI Expo: Technology Solutions at Essent Booth 4851
Essent will showcase its suite of enterprise-grade, fully-integrated business management, ecommerce, and EDI integration technology solutions designed specifically for the promotional products industry.
Got Inventory? You Probably Do, Even If You Don’t Realize It.
Whether you own it or someone else does. Whether you hold it or someone else does. It’s inventory. And it needs to be managed.
Even a Pen Can Be Complicated in Custom Product Sales. Here's 1 Way to Simplify
The promotional products industry offers hundreds of thousands of items, each with an almost limitless number of potential customizations.
The "Amazon-like Experience" Starts With Integration
It won’t get mentioned nearly as often as the “the Amazon-like experience.” But it’s even more critical. It’s integration. Without integration, there is no Amazon-like experience.
Workflow Automation Gives You the Time to Sell More Promotional Products
Automating rote tasks provides your promotional products staff the time to do what it does best: sell.
Promotional Products Software for 2015: New Essent Features Boost Automation, SEO, More
New Essent features further bolster the only fully-integrated business management for the promotional products industry.
‘Death’ of Internet Sales Tax Bill a Sensible Win for Ecommerce
Essent software can handle 9,600 tax jurisdictions, but the cost of compliance with the Marketplace Fairness Act could put many ecommerce stores out of business.
Marketplace Fairness Act is a Double Blow for Ecommerce, but Essent has Solutions
While everyone wants to pay their fair share, adhering to the sometimes arcane, often draconian and certainly non-uniform tax standards of 9,600 taxing jurisdictions is the type of bureaucratic nightmare that makes online sellers sleepless. Or worse.
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