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Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Cost Centers
In any arrangement of dedicated spend and purchasing, there are likely to be requirements about how much spend is allotted, how it’s tracked, how limits are enforced and how it’s invoiced. RFPs often call for cost center functionality.
Understanding What RFPs Require From Company Stores
RFPs for company stores are likely to feature a number of requirements concerning visibility, budget control, payment processing, security, who has access to which portions of the site, and how or how fast orders are fulfilled.
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers May Cause Issues Upon Reaching Version 100
Magento Payment Card Skimming Vulnerability Requires Immediate Action
All versions of Magento 1.x software and plugins are being actively exploited by cybercriminals to skim credit card numbers and personal information from site users.
What Marketers Need to Consider About Targeted Ads as Google Halts FLoC Project
The elimination of third-party cookies will impact digital marketers who have come to rely on the technology to more effectively target and market to prospects. Pinpoint marketing and re-marketing will change.
When the RFP Calls for PunchOut: Understanding and Implementing Eprocurement Integration
Like a Request for Proposal itself, PunchOut integration usually presents a lucrative opportunity. Also just like an RFP, understanding and implementing the technology can be daunting.
When it Comes to RFPs, Find a Technology Partner: Lose the Dread and Win the Opportunity
While Requests for Proposal present potentially lucrative opportunities, they can also be daunting. The issuer wants an Amazon-like experience. That requires technology that most companies don't have in house.
15 Costly Consequences of 'Low-Cost' Ecommerce Websites
The reality is there is much more to a successful ecommerce company than just a pretty face.
The True Cost of ‘Inexpensive’ Ecommerce
Some websites look nice, receive orders, and hit softly on the budget. But the lack of integration makes everything after that costly.
Enterprise Procurement: Purchasing Automation and Integration for Buyers and Sellers Alike
When it comes to purchasing and procurement, distributors face an increasingly complex set of expectations from their customers. At the same time, distributors face their own procurement needs internally.
Essent SiteBuilder Adds Social Media Optimization with Graph Objects Support
Avoiding New Issues on Top of Virus, Google Rolling Back Security Update
A security update in Chrome 80 that potentially makes breaking changes on websites is being rolled back, Google announced.
HTTPS or Bust: Google Continues Squeezing Out the Unencrypted Web
Worldwide Manufacturer's Ecommerce Weekend Thrives Again on Essent Technology
Essent SiteBuilder and the Essent Commerce Cloud can accommodate a virtually inexhaustable number of concurrent online shoppers.
PPAI Expo 2020: Technology Solutions in Action, Booth 3157
Technology solutions for business management, ecommerce, integration, and more at 2020 PPAI Expo Booth 3157.
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