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Essent Enhances Only Fully Integrated Software Specifically Made for Promotional Products
When miscommunications occur in the promotional products industry, they can lead to lost time and money. That’s why Essent upgrades further allow the industry to speak the same language, automatically and in real time.
Product reviews give B2B ecommerce the B2C feel: Essent 2014
Essent software is the only in the promotional products industry to facilitate product reviews — the type usually found only from big ecommerce retailers like
Promotional Products Ecommerce Demo Showcases Essent Solutions
Essent is showcasing powerful ecommerce capabilities for the promotional products industry at
Ecommerce and Mcommerce Gains Reveal Missed B2B Opportunities
B2B companies are far from making the increasingly popular ecommerce and mcommerce markets part of their business strategy. This despite the overwhelming majority of B2B buyers wishing for the B2C experience.
Marketplace Fairness Act is a Double Blow for Ecommerce, but Essent has Solutions
While everyone wants to pay their fair share, adhering to the sometimes arcane, often draconian and certainly non-uniform tax standards of 9,600 taxing jurisdictions is the type of bureaucratic nightmare that makes online sellers sleepless. Or worse.
B2B companies on Ecommerce sidelines, but promotional products distributors shouldn't be
Only 25 percent of B2B companies have an internet presence, according to StrategicSourcerer, a website devoted to best practices in procurement, spend control and other areas. B2B companies on Ecommerce sidelines, but promotional products distributors shouldn't be.
Make Mother's Day Lovely for Promotional Product Distributors’ Retail Clients
U.S. consumers are expected to spend $20.7 billion this year for Mother's Day. For promotional product distributors the secret is helping their retail customers better promote themselves. Mother's Day spending spans a huge range of industries, and Essent provide a huge range of tools tailor-made to help distributors benefit.
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