B2B Ecommerce Buyer

End Shopping Agony for Business Buyers

Providing B2B buyers the B2C ecommerce experience

When it comes to ecommerce, business buyers want the consumer experience. What they get is too often "shopping agony.” It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right content management system, sellers can provide B2B buyers the consumer-like experience they crave for a better buyer experience and increased sales. Learn more

Like It’s Cyber Monday Every Day

A robust promotions engine for B2B ecommerce

Deals and promotions are near and dear to any B2C ecommerce. They can be near and dear to B2B ecommerce as well. Even in the B2B world, promotions engines can generate and manage a wide array of promotions – everything from a simple percentage off to BOGOs to free shipping to even more sophisticated promotional pricing like quantity breaks. Learn more

B2B Ecommerce Promotions

B2B Ecommerce Catalog

User-friendly catalogs make it easier for buyers to buy

B2B sellers can manage product images, product details, and product groups and subgroups from the back office, making it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.

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B2B Ecommerce Cart

User-friendly carts break down barriers to sales

Abandoned cart notification, line-item ship-to, and guest checkout are the answer to difficulties that are far too often the difference between a sale and no sale.

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Buyers Gain Control, Confidence – and Do the Work For You

Customer self-service tools put buyers in control while saving sellers time and labor

A Product Configuration Engine is a must for customized orders. The buyer can define things like artwork, imprint area, size, and color all within the rules set by the seller. Learn more

B2B Ecommerce Self Service
B2B Ecommerce Mobile

Buyers are Increasingly Mobile. Ecommerce Needs to Be, As Well.

Mobile ecommerce is growing by every measure

Ecommerce websites that aren’t optimized for mobile experiences will increasingly miss out on sales opportunities as more and more ecommerce traffic moves away from desktops.Learn more

Product Reviews Create a 4-Star Ecommerce Experience

For many, online reviews are the top way to gain trust in a brand or product

Providing credible product reviews provides B2B buyers a feature they’re used to seeing almost only in the B2C world. Learn more

B2B Ecommerce Product Reviews

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End Shopping Agony For Business Buyers

Find out how the right content management system makes a better buyer experience for increased sales.

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