Product Reviews Provide a B2C Experience in a B2B Ecommerce World

B2B Ecommerce Product ReviewsOnline product reviews and ratings are surpassing reviews from friends and family as the way buyers gain trust in products and brands.

Yet product reviews remain scarce in B2B ecommerce.

That sounds like a problem. But it’s really an opportunity because the B2B seller offering reviews will immediately stand apart from competitors. They’ll provide a highly useful feature that buyers are used to seeing only seen in the consumer ecommerce world.

B2B sellers offering product reviews will immediately stand apart from competitors with a feature most often seen in B2C ecommerce.

With a content management system that supports the functionality, a seller can automatically send surveys to those who bought certain products. The credibility of the reviews is built in because the surveys are only sent to those who actually bought the product.

It creates a review, rating, and feedback ecosystem that provides credibility and trust in brands and products through a system that’s lacking in B2B ecommerce but has come to be expected in the B2C world.

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