CASE STUDY: Charles River Apparel and the Essent OrderTrax Network

After fits and starts with a previous provider, a Top Supplier moves its integration efforts to OrderTrax.

Charles River Apparel Director of Information Technology Jeison Ortega recognized the advantages of trading partner integration.

Customers have immediate access to the information they most often want to know, and sellers become more efficient by providing the information electronically and automatically.

Integration is even more integral for a top supplier like Charles River, which handles $47 million worth of sales orders per year. Mr. Ortega knows that sparing manual work like phone calls and emails about Inventory, Order Status, Product Data and more – across hundreds of thousands of sales orders annually – represents untold savings in time and labor that can instead be used on activities that better benefit Charles River and the industry at large.

But Mr. Ortega also recognized when the integration project wasn’t going according to plan. When it was time to get the project on track with another provider, he said, "Essent immediately came to mind."

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